the value of hiring an attorney for your troubled child
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the value of hiring an attorney for your troubled child

The first time my son got into some legal trouble, I didn't hire an attorney. I figured that he would just get a slap on the wrist and that he should accept his punishment, and that's what happened. The second time he got into trouble, I had to hire an attorney. I knew that since he had a record, the judge would not be so lenient about his punishment and he could suffer some serious consequences that could haunt him for his entire life. If you have a troubled child, my blog could help you understand the value of hiring an attorney for him or her.

the value of hiring an attorney for your troubled child

  • Accused Of DUI? You May Be An Unfair Victim

    5 August 2015

    Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws are meant to keep people safe on the road and to deter senseless levels of intoxication or other mentally-impairing substances. Unfortunately, stricter interpretations of the law may put many people looking for a small drink after work, taking much needed medication or heading out for an emergency under undue inconvenience. If you're sure you were under legal influence levels or not under the influence at all, keep a few ideas in mind.

  • Sleeping The Alcohol Off: You Can Still Be Charged With DUI/DWI

    3 August 2015

    No one goes out hoping to get arrested for a DUI. But some people don't realize just how intoxicated they truly are until they get in the car and behind the wheel. When that moment of clarity comes, you may want to simply pull over and try to sleep off the alcohol. Unfortunately, there is the risk of being charged with a DUI even if you are just sleeping and not driving.

  • Frontal Lobe Syndrome And Your DWI Case

    31 July 2015

    If you're the defendant in a DWI case and you suffer from frontal lobe syndrome, can your condition be considered a defense? Maybe. Learn more about how neuroscientific evidence can be used in court as part of your criminal defense strategy.    What is frontal lobe syndrome? The frontal lobes of your brain - which are located right behind your forehead - control your ability to reason and plan. They also control your impulsivity, moods, decision making, social behavior, and moral decisions.