the value of hiring an attorney for your troubled child
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the value of hiring an attorney for your troubled child

The first time my son got into some legal trouble, I didn't hire an attorney. I figured that he would just get a slap on the wrist and that he should accept his punishment, and that's what happened. The second time he got into trouble, I had to hire an attorney. I knew that since he had a record, the judge would not be so lenient about his punishment and he could suffer some serious consequences that could haunt him for his entire life. If you have a troubled child, my blog could help you understand the value of hiring an attorney for him or her.

the value of hiring an attorney for your troubled child

3 Arguments Criminal Lawyers Use To Defend Their Clients

Owen Bertrand

The consequences of offenses vary depending on their severity. Somebody who commits a misdemeanor gets a lesser sentence than one who commits a felony. However, in both cases, the prosecutor must prove to the judges beyond any doubt that you're guilty. If you think you're innocent and have evidence to vindicate your claim, a criminal law defense attorney can use many arguments to get you off the hook. This article discusses three such arguments. 

Creating Doubt in the Juror's Minds

Attorneys use this tactic to create doubt about the evidence collected by the prosecution. Any prosecutor must ensure there isn't doubt about the crime you committed to get the jury to convict you. In most cases, they're required to provide evidence showing your motive and how you committed the crime. They can do this in many ways, including questioning you during the trial and presenting witnesses to testify against you. 

Attorneys know how to create doubt concerning your alleged offenses. They'll punch holes in the proof collected by the prosecutors, give a solid alibi of your whereabouts on the day the crime occurred, and show the court how you couldn't commit the offense. They may also present witnesses to emphasize your innocence and persuade the judges to rule in your favor.

Claiming You're Mentally Ill

If you're accused of committing offenses such as domestic violence, the prosecutor may be required to offer convincing proof to show why a restraining order should be obtained against you and why you should serve a jail term for your actions. Your accuser must also show the court that all the allegations against you are true.

Criminal lawyers are experienced in defending their clients, especially if they acted when they had mental health issues. They could argue that you were not in your right state of mind when you committed the act and shouldn't be convicted. To prove this, they'll get you tested by a psychiatrist who'll confirm to the court that you are mentally unstable.  

Defending You Against Violating Probation Terms

Often, people convicted of some offenses may be given probation. This sentence comes with terms that you must follow if you don't want to face more charges. If you violate this agreement or participate in other crimes, your conviction terms can be changed, and you may be jailed. Attorneys can fight for you and show that you kept all the terms of your probation, saving you from spending several years behind bars or paying huge fines. 

It's important to work with a criminal lawyer if you face a charge. These lawyers will defend your rights and use various tactics to prove to the court that you're innocent and didn't commit the alleged actions.