the value of hiring an attorney for your troubled child
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the value of hiring an attorney for your troubled child

The first time my son got into some legal trouble, I didn't hire an attorney. I figured that he would just get a slap on the wrist and that he should accept his punishment, and that's what happened. The second time he got into trouble, I had to hire an attorney. I knew that since he had a record, the judge would not be so lenient about his punishment and he could suffer some serious consequences that could haunt him for his entire life. If you have a troubled child, my blog could help you understand the value of hiring an attorney for him or her.

the value of hiring an attorney for your troubled child

The Importance Of Remaining Silent During An Arrest

Owen Bertrand

When the police show up and strongly believe you committed a crime, they have the right to arrest you right then and there. While they have this right, you also have rights, including the right to remain silent. This is an amendment right you have and should use as it will protect you. It can be very hard to keep your mouth shut at this time, especially if you feel you are innocent, but it is so important to utilize this amendment right for the following reasons.

You May Say Something Incriminating

The main reason to stay silent is to avoid saying something that will incriminate you. When facing an arrest or criminal charges, you do not have to answer the questions the police pose if your answers will reveal guilt in the crime. The legal process is set up in a way that the court must prove you are guilty of a crime without basing this decision on what you say. A lot of people will speak during an arrest or interrogation and will say things that they do not realize are wrong to say. Based on what they say, they may end up incriminating themselves when they could have said nothing at all.

You Might Say Things You Do Not Mean

Not only will speaking increase your chances of incriminating yourself, but speaking could also lead to you saying things you did not even mean. If you accidentally say something that makes it appear like you are guilty, this statement could end up being presented in court as evidence against you, even if you did not mean what you said.

You Might Get Angry

Another good reason to stay silent is to avoid getting angry. You might feel like there is no reason for you to get arrested, and you might let your anger take control. If you do this, imagine what might come out of your mouth. The words you say could end up causing further problems in your case.

You Need Legal Counsel Before Saying Anything

Finally, it is important to realize that you have a legal right to have an attorney with you while you answer questions, and you should take the law up on this. Having an attorney present will help you say the right things and avoid saying the wrong things.

Keeping your mouth shut during an arrest might be difficult for you to do, but you will be glad you did later on. To fight the charges you are facing, make sure you hire a criminal defense lawyer for assistance.