the value of hiring an attorney for your troubled child
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the value of hiring an attorney for your troubled child

The first time my son got into some legal trouble, I didn't hire an attorney. I figured that he would just get a slap on the wrist and that he should accept his punishment, and that's what happened. The second time he got into trouble, I had to hire an attorney. I knew that since he had a record, the judge would not be so lenient about his punishment and he could suffer some serious consequences that could haunt him for his entire life. If you have a troubled child, my blog could help you understand the value of hiring an attorney for him or her.

the value of hiring an attorney for your troubled child

Did Your Teen Get In Trouble With Their Phone? Hire A Juvenile Lawyer For Any Sexual Harrasment Case

Owen Bertrand

If your teen has been accused of sexually harassing someone and you aren't sure what the alleged victim is going to do, you need to talk with a juvenile lawyer right away. You want to have a defense ready if the victim decides to press charges.

There are many forms of sexual harassment, and your child could get in trouble for indicating sexual activity through a text message, or sending an indecent picture of themselves. Although it may be embarrassing for your teen, you need to talk with a lawyer about the details to get a head of the case. Here are some things to prepare for.

Detail the Relationship in Writing

Have your child write a statement about their relationship with the other teen involved. Are they friends? Are they considered a couple? are they romantically involved? It's important to know what your teen had thought of their relationship, and also what the other teen thought. If they were listed as in a relationship together, or they referred to each other as boyfriend or girlfriend, it shows that feelings were mutual.

Print the Images or Conversation

Did the person on the other end of the texting, messaging or talking ask for the pictures, or were they implicating sexual things as well? If so, this doesn't mean that your teen is guilty, but it does mean that they were provoked. If the conversations show that the harassment actually went both ways or was consensual, they will greatly benefit your child's case.

Be Ready to Agree to a Plan

Your lawyer may want to jump ahead and make a move before the other family does. They may decide to compile an agreement that your child is no longer going to text or communicate with the other person that was involved, and they can both agree to sign non-disclosure agreements so the incident is never brought up again.

Your child will have to let the lawyer know about everything that they said, texted, or did physically with the other person so they can prepare for the case properly. If your child is charged with sexual harassment, they could have that on their record for a lifetime, and the will have to notify employers that they were charged, along with include it on their college applications. Get the situation monitored by a legal professional like Kassel & Kassel A Group of Independent Law Offices if you think there may be charges in the future.